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When it Comes to Your Resume, Key Words are the Key!

Whether your resume is viewed by human eyes, or recruiting management software, your skill set must always match the job's requirements. These requirements are also known as key words. They will be highlighted in the job posting and are often times labeled core competencies. Read and understand this section before placing your mouse or finger on the apply button! A resume should never be one-size-fits-all. To guarantee a call back, always tailor your resume to the specific position or industry.

What is ATS?! Many large companies use applicant tracking software (ATS). Large companies receive thousands of resumes and must filter out the disqualified applicants. As a former recruiter, I can vouch for how amazing and time saving ATS can be. However, many perfectly qualified applicants are weeded out due to this process. Their resumes simply did not survive the clutches of the ATS. As a result, human eyes never even took a glance at it. Bottom line, if your resume contains key words, the ATS will rank your resume much higher. On the flip side, you could be unfairly passed over. Don't do yourself a disservice by not taking the time to understand the position's requirements, and modifying your resume first.


Are you applying to multiple job postings a week? Perhaps you do not have time to read through each job description and edit your resume before submitting an application. Allow me! I provide a one time or ongoing service. Email me for a free quote and consultation!

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