Should You Spend Money on Professional Resume Writing, and How Much?

July 18, 2017

Why Invest in a Professional Writing Service?


Your resume is the most financially important document you will ever own. It has the potential to score better job opportunities and secure your future. A professionally written resume will take a lot of time, thought, and creativity. Just as no two applicants are alike, no two resumes are alike.  Your resume’s purpose is to sell your personal brand, which requires keen marketing abilities.


Resume writing is a labor-intensive process. Therefore,  professionals charge upwards of $1,000 for a single document. The logic is that job seekers are losing money every day of unemployment. If the job seeker was making $40,000 per year, they are losing over $700 per week without a job. Therefore, the investment beats continuing to lose out on a paycheck. At Resume Winning LLC, our priority is helping individuals succeed. We understand many of our clients are without a job, and cannot afford inflated prices. Our average resume costs between $40 and $75. We are compassionate to each individuals unique situation. We genuinely enjoy setting career seekers up for success.


Below is a chart outlining the average cost of a professionally written resume. We've researched the pricing structure of 10 popular writing services. The chart below  is based on resume type, since many professionals use a tiered structure.


Average Resume Resume Writing Cost

Why Choose Resume Winning LLC?


At Resume Winning, we understand how the recruitment process works. We have the unique writing skills to sell your personal brand to prospective employers. We take the time to understand each client’s abilities, rather than stuffing our resumes with fluff. Hiring Resume Winning will not only provide the writing skills needed for a wining resume, but it will give an inside perspective on what is required in today’s job market. Our leading professional, Erika Overhoff, is a member of the National Resume Writer’s Association. Why is this important? A writer who belongs to a professional association has ongoing education and development. They also abide by the association’s code of ethics. Erika is aware of today’s hiring trends, and stays up to date with Talent Acquisition practices. She is also skilled at creating 30/60/90 day plans, job offer negotiations, interview coaching, and job search support. Don't wait another moment to set up a free consultation and quote!


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