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July 23, 2019



1. Make it Skimmable: Keep the resume brief and to the point. Recruiters typically skim the resume for specific words and qualifiers. They simply don’t have time to read all of the content in a multi-page resume. Be concise and only include the most recent and relevant experience.


2. Share the Numbers: Always quantify your achievements. If you say you are excellent at growing revenue, prove it with  results (e.g. grew sales by 65% annually or attained 5 new accounts per month). Hiring managers are impressed by seeing the results of your hard work. 


3. Prove It: Provide examples surrounding soft skills. For example, if you want to showcase your leadership ability then talk about managing cross-functional teams, developing employees, or redesigning training programs. 


4. Choose Your Words: Appropriate word choice is extremely important to highlight what level you are at in your career. Include action verbs that demonstrate leadership, productivity, and improvement. Some of my favorites are spearheaded, committed, optimized, developed, led, managed, executed, created, implemented, improved, contributed, orchestrated, added value, launched, modernized, automated, and redesigned.


5. Seek Advice: Ask a friend, colleague, or professional resume writer to review your resume and provide feedback. A second set of eyes is important to catch grammatical errors and ensure the resume is impactful.It can be difficult to write about one’s own accomplishments. Hiring a professional resume writer will help you to properly articulate your experience and career contributions. 


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