Recruiting & Outplacement


We partner with a small boutique staffing firm, FullCircle Placements, to

provide cost-effective hiring solutions hiring for your small business or start-up.

Working with clients across the nation, we quickly source and provide high-quality candidates to meet your business objectives and talent needs. We not only focus on matching skill-sets with opportunities, but we take company culture and fit into consideration. It is our promise and mission to provide only the best candidates for your organization.

Why Choose Us?

Resume Winning's focus on individualized career transition services gives us an edge. We are approached by top talent before they put their resumes on the market. FullCircle Placements has an outstanding history of pleasing clients by using a relationship-based model and offering flexibility surrounding service and pricing. 

RPO Service Options

Our unique retained search model is most popular because it allows for a 3, 6, or 12 month contract to fill ALL of your open positions. We will essentially act as your internal recruiter for as long as needed. The average client spends $5K/month, saving cost on a full-time recruiter's salary and needed resources (ATS/CRM systems and job-related search engines). 

We also offer a one-time direct placement service at 15 - 20% of first year salary, with a 90-day placement guarantee. 

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