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5 Resume Writing Tips

Your resume is the ultimate first impression. A lengthy and irrelevant resume can hinder your chances of landing an interview. If you suspect your resume has room for improvement, start with these 5 editing suggestions. 

1. Pick a Direction

Your resume should be geared towards one specific position or industry. If your experience is diverse, create multiple versions of your resume. At a glance, your resume should clearly define what you do, what you have accomplished, and what value you bring to the organization.

2. Nix the Objective Statement

Don’t limit yourself with a vague objective statement. If you choose to include a Professional Summary, keep it brief and ensure it grabs attention. Otherwise, nix this section altogether and save the space.

3. Stay on Point

Recruiters have a pile of resumes to read. Don't write a novel and turn them off with endless paragraphs of nonsense. Describe your experience using bullet points. Start sentences with powerful action words. Avoid buzz words such as passionate or motivated. Instead, quantify your skills quick results, metrics, and achievements.

4. Use Proper Format

Understand which format is right for you (Chronological, Functional, or Combination). For most job seekers, a clean and professional layout works best. Going the creative and unconventional rout may take away from the importance of the content. There is no need for graphics, photos, crazy fonts, or perfumed paper. Employers will likely be annoyed by these tactics. 

5. Ditch the Extras

Resume space is precious! Don't waste it with hobbies and interests. Only include internships, volunteer work, and awards if they are relevant to the position. Lastly, including references is longer necessary. It is assumed that you can provide references if asked.

Today's job market is extremely competitive. Are you 100% confident in your resume? Whether it needs minor or major editing, set yourself up for success by hiring a professional.

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