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5 Things to Remove From Your Resume Now!

1. A Generic Objective Statement

“My objective is to support a growing company” or “My objective is to expand my skills” are pointless generalizations that do not distinguish you. Instead, use a brief and powerful Professional Summary to tell readers who you are and what you have to offer. 2. Irrelevant Buzzwords

Words that are not relevant to the job have no place on a resume. Unfamiliar buzzwords are a turnoff to readers. If you are open to various career paths, simply adjust your key skills as needed. 3. List of Industries

There is no need to showcase all of the previous industries you have worked in. Doing so can make you appear indecisive in your career path. Stick to one, and hone in on your skills as related to that industry.

4. Tasks or Duties

Instead of listing your responsibilities, relay your accomplishments. When possible, use hard numbers. "Prepared reports" is not as impressive as "Implemented new reporting process that increased departmental efficiency by 30%". 5. Ancient Jobs

Don't make your resume longer than it needs to be with outdated jobs. Stick to the past 10 to 15 years of employment. If your experience from an old job is relevant, you can mention it in your Professional Summary (e.g. "I started out in merchandising and still use my early training to xyz"). 636-778-0609 Ready to update your resume? Message me or comment below! Would you like to learn more? Subscribe to my blog! Free tips for success and job alerts? Follow me on Facebook!

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